Monday, July 1, 2013


So, here's the thing! I know Technicals play a huge part while investing/trading, in fact most day traders are just looking at them, but right now, most of it is just whizzing past my head at lightning speed. Now Fundamentals... that I get! The cash position of a company, its debt, the operating margin, net income..

What I want to do is be able to use both information together, decide whether to go long or short... hence, Fundnichals!

We all know we get the technical information on most financial sites, and updates are given through press releases. But before I go ahead and take the plunge, I want to get more color on segments, because they also play a role.

The question is how can I get operational numbers quicker, so I can glance at the market sentiment, and go for the kill...

So far, I've found transcripts are the way, but either they're either expensive or I get them when the game is practically ending. Hence, I'm out looking for sources where I can access a transcript fast, or even better a summary that would help me get an advantage over the rest... especially those institutional investors!

Regardless, I believe Fundnichals is the way to go!

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